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Winning strategy for all raids In Pokémon Scarlet And Violet

Tera raids in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet rely on teamwork, and one aspect of that teamwork is the use of cheers, a set of orders unique to these four-player boss bouts spread across the Paldea region of the games.

However, when I’ve teamed up with randos online, I’ve frequently discovered that I’m the group’s only cheerleader while my teammates continue to deal damage, which has resulted in some devastating wipes in high-level raids.

This kind of damage-only playstyle is incredibly prevalent but unsustainable.
Let’s discuss the significance of cheers and why even players who focus mostly on offence should use them.

Each player can only cheer three times per raid, and Tera raids grant you three separate cheer powers.
Four players per raid team means a maximum of 12 cheer uses.
The three cheers are “Go all out!” It increases the team’s ability to defend themselves and attack. , “Hang tough!” It enhances the special defence as well as the regular defence, and “Heal up!”
Everyone’s health is returned to a respectable level as a result.

A countdown slowly counts down to the moment your team will be expelled from the tera raid boss’s lair, and tera raids are designed around a push and pull of stat adjustments and your adversary developing fortifications.

Using the phrases “Go all out!” and “Hang tough!” can help your squad strike more powerfully and deflect a raid boss’ most lethal hits early on.
Since tera raids are prohibited from using healing items, this increased survivability gives players additional opportunities to employ “Heal up!”
While some particular Pokémon can also utilise techniques like Heal Pulse to heal allies during these battles, “Heal up!” is your main healing technique in raids and has a team-wide effect that can buy everyone one or two turns before they’re in danger again.

The tera raid monsters’ capacity to occasionally take away everyone’s stat bonuses is what causes the stat-based tug of war.

Consequently, the phrase “Go all out!”, and “Hang in there!” gives you only a little window of better offence and defence.

Cheers cannot be assigned to a single player because Tera raids are all about soft resets and reapplying those perks.

Each player is limited to three uses during the battle, therefore a four-person coordinated squad must exchange cheering roles.

There are three cheers total, not three of each type.

The main problem I’ve encountered while forming online groups for difficult raids is this.
If I’m not on a Discord call with friends, I frequently find myself with three people who won’t go from their attack menu to the cheer one, forcing me to play the support role despite the fact that my chosen Pokémon is doing the most damage of the group.

I’m delighted to toss out a heal and a buff, but because the boss’s defences get stronger as the raid goes on, I frequently find myself having to stop my offence and devote all three of my cheers to healing at once in order to keep my teammates on the field because they won’t do it themselves.

In addition to being a waste of resources, having one individual use cheers for a significant portion of their turns also wastes valuable time.

During a Tera raid, time management is likely to be more crucial to success than planning your attacks and your team’s makeup.

The raid clock is deducted significantly each time a team member dies in combat, and if one player is forced to perform all the healing, their cooldowns and maximum of three uses will be affected.

During these intervals in between healing phases, when the raid boss releases tremendous assaults, It can (and unavoidably will) snowball into a team member passing out, resulting in lost raid time and additional waiting time until they respawn.

By keeping track of each party member’s health and replenishing people as needed, smart teams may prevent this chain of failures.

If cheer buffing is distributed among several people, healing will be more accessible throughout a conflict.

The cooldown issue can be avoided, and the raid will have better cheer timing if everyone pitches in when it’s appropriate to add their own cheers.

At the end of the day, employing your cheers is never quite as exhilarating as dealing a super-effective attack, but they’re so essential to victory in high-level Tera raids that it makes it almost difficult to win if applying them isn’t a team effort.

Start using your cheers if you’re playing Pokémon Scarlet and Violet and joining online raids, and you’ll soon realise how they can help your team weather the storm and emerge victorious on the other side.
You will be glad you did, as well as your team.

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