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According to new research, Earth’s life may have originated from radioactive space objects.

Inside carbonaceous chondrite meteorites, radioactive isotopes have been identified to generate amino acids. According to a recent study, a unique kind of radioactive meteorite may have planted the seeds for life on Earth. Researchers found that carbonaceous chondrites, a type of radioactive meteorite rich in organic chemicals and water, create energetic gamma rays that can […]

Image of blackhole

Rare Observation of Luminous Jet Emitted by Supermassive Black Hole as it Rips Star Apart and Fires Relativistic Jet Toward Earth

The collision of a dying star with a supermassive black hole results in a spectacular optical flare, which astronomers have discovered. What occurs when a dying star approaches a supermassive black hole too closely? Astronomer Igor Andreoni from the University of Maryland (UMD) claims that the following things take place: The star is initially severely […]