Recommended Order for Titan Ability and Gym Badges in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

You can pretty much complete the gyms, Titan battles, and Team Star bases in whatever order you like in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.
The easiest route is shown below.

With the arrival of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the established Pokemon formula has undergone a significant alteration.
These open-world games resemble Pokemon Legends: Arceus in some ways, but they all take place in a single, cohesive setting, and once the tutorial is through, you can pretty much wander wherever you want.
Here are our suggestions for how to tackle the various difficulties, so read them before you rush to the hardest gyms.

Which Gym to perform first?

In total, Scarlet and Violet have eight gym badges, five Team Star badges, and five Titan badges, totaling a total of 18 badges.
You will receive those rewards for completing the game’s three different mission types, Victory Road, Starfall Street, and Path of Legends.
By the time the lesson is complete, your map will be marked with each mission for each of those three mission kinds, and you will be free to explore.
However, the game doesn’t specify the level of your opponents, making it simple to accidentally enter a gym that is too difficult for you.
Similar to this, further Titans and Team Star bases would be built at considerably higher altitudes.
As a general rule, tasks become more challenging the further north you travel.

You’ll probably need to complete these roughly in the order of the gyms itself because you need gym badges to influence higher-level Pokemon. This will allow you to have powerful monsters to match.
You might not be able to tell how tough your Gym Leader opponent will be until you come face to face with them in combat because gyms in Scarlet and Violet frequently revolve around some non-battle activity.
See the levels we advise for specific gyms below.

Recommended levels for gyms

Cortando Gym (Bug) - 10-15
Artazin Gym (Grass) - 15-20
Cascarrafa Gym (Water) - 25-30
Levincia Gym (Electric) - 30-35
Medali Gym (Normal) - 35-40
Alfornada Gym (Psychic) - 40-45
Montenevera Gym (Ghost) - 40-45
Glaseado Gym (Ice) - 45-50

Order in Path of Legends

Scarlet and Violet, nevertheless, use more subtle means to obstruct your advancement besides difficult encounters.
You can achieve new traversal skills through Path of Legends battles, and if you do, you’ll find that some gyms are considerably simpler to get there.
These unlocks are connected to specific Titans, which are listed below.
To cross several chasms and enter the northern regions, you’ll need a High Jump or Glide.
Since you can climb cliffs, your ultimate skill, Climb, almost grants you access to every location.
That’s especially useful when getting to the Alfornada Gym because it offers a quick alternative to having to walk through a confusing cave.
To even get to the last Titan, you need the Surf skill.

Titan Abilities / Recommended Order

Stony Cliff Titan - Dash
Open Sky Titan - Surf
Lurking Steel Titan - High Jump
Quaking Earth Titan - Glide
False Dragon Titan - Climb

Team Star fights

The Team Star competitions are not as required for content restriction.
They don’t give you any new traversal options or a boost to your Pokemon obedience level.
Although not necessarily necessary, the cash and TMs are useful.
The hardest Team Star base is among the game’s toughest clashes, however these do get progressively harder.
In order to keep up with your Team Star challenges, focus primarily on the bases that are close to other missions that you have already finished.
The Team Star missions have the advantage that you don’t have to go through the gauntlet phase again after you’ve lured out the commander. You can simply return and start the combat again if you are unable to beat the Team Star commander.