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Players Can Make Their Own Beer in-Game Thanks to a Mod for Minecraft

Brewing beer is now possible in Minecraft thanks to a new mod, giving the already hugely well-liked Mojang game even more replay value.

Brewing, consuming, and even selling beer are now possible in the blocky Mojang game thanks to a new update.

Minecraft can be completed by slaying the Ender Dragon, but most players stay because of the virtually limitless creative possibilities it presents.

Fans can spend countless hours playing the base experience alone, creating all kinds of buildings and contraptions employing potent mechanics that have kept the release in good standing for more than ten years.

The modding community, on the other hand, has worked to extend the game’s shelf life even further.
There are a tonne of mods created by the community for Minecraft, some of which can completely change the gameplay.

Mojang’s sandbox release continues to rule the gaming market with no indications of slowing down anytime soon, thanks to everything from graphical upgrades, to the opportunity to play an RTX version of the game.

Now, a brand-new mod for Minecraft has been made available with a focus on home brewers.
A number of modders have released “Drink Beer Refill,” a game tweak that, as the name suggests, enables players to brew beer, as reported by PCGamesN.

To accomplish it, prepare a keg and four empty beer cups, add the materials to the keg, and then wait for the beer to brew, according to the directions on the download page.

It’s also feasible to haggle with locals, which can result in the acquisition of additional goods like spices.

Brewing is already possible in Minecraft because to a 2011 game update that brought the capability.
Of course, this was for manufacturing potions, so “Drink Beer Refill” adds another element to the game’s more rural components, such as farming and trade with locals.

It’s just one more way that the community is ensuring that the blocky game offers as much as possible to keep it firmly established in the gaming spotlight.

In reality, Mojang has sold almost 238 million copies of their sandbox game, and despite its age, Minecraft is still one of the best-selling games.

When compared to GTA 5, which as of last count had sold more than 170,000 copies, Minecraft is far ahead of the pack and has grown to become one of the most popular IPs in video game history.

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