Next month, OnePlus will release two monitors in India.

The design and a few characteristics of OnePlus’ future 24- and 27-inch displays have been revealed on the company’s website.

Next month, OnePlus will introduce monitors in India.
The OnePlus Monitor X 27 and the OnePlus Monitor E 24 will be the company’s two new models, according to a brand-new banner on the OnePlus India website.
For OnePlus, which has previously ventured into non-mobile sectors like televisions, this will be yet another new market.
Additionally, OnePlus has revealed the look and a few features of its new monitors on its website.

OnePlus has disclosed that its monitors would be suitable for gaming without stating which.
The website states that “a moment that could change the game” occurs.
This might imply that these displays will feature gaming-specific features like fast refresh rates and Adaptive Sync support.
Both the OnePlus Monitor X 27 and OnePlus Monitor E 24 will be 24 inches in size, and they should accept a VESA wall mount in addition to a tabletop stand.
Additionally, a website image demonstrates how the monitor may be utilised vertically with the right stand support.

introduction of OnePlus Monitor
On December 12 at 12 PM, OnePlus will introduce two new monitors to the Indian market.
Whether the launch would take place online or in person is not yet apparent.
Additionally, OnePlus is holding a contest where you “have a chance to win a OnePlus Monitor X 27.”

There are currently little details available about the OnePlus Monitor, but these will increase as time goes on.
On its website, OnePlus states that additional information regarding its monitors will be released on December 2, December 5, and December 8 prior to the debut.
To interest gamers, it would be nice if the firm teased certain characteristics like refresh rate, design, and display technology.

With these two monitors, OnePlus enters a crowded yet specialised market for monitors.

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