Microsoft Surface Duo 3

Microsoft’s Surface Duo 3 new windows phone?

Surface Duo 3 – Microsoft is once again producing cellphones on a regular basis, but it is doing so in a unique way from most other businesses.

Its Surface Duo Android-powered phones include two independent displays that can fold in on one other, an entirely unique design from any other phones and foldables currently available.

Microsoft must do a lot more to persuade consumers that the Surface Duo is the foldable device of the future.

The initial model felt antiquated and costly because there was a significant gap between its announcement and its distribution.

The cost of 2021’s second effort didn’t decrease, despite the fact that subsequent software improvements considerably enhanced the user experience.

A lot of intriguing products were announced at Microsoft’s hardware showcase.

There was something for everyone, from the brand-new Surface Laptop 5 to the improved Surface Pro 9 series to the incredibly powerful (and pricey) Surface Studio 2 Plus.

With the exception of smartphone nerds, that is.

One of the only Surface products in the company’s Surface portfolio that did not receive a redesign was the Surface Duo series, Microsoft’s innovative dual-screen smartphone.

Fans of Microsoft’s cellphones will therefore likely be forced to use an outdated model for a long time.

However, this does not spell the end for the Surface Duo.

Fortunately, we recently learned that Microsoft has not stopped producing its Duo lineup.

The company is still dedicated to releasing a Surface Duo 3 because it believes in the form factor’s potential (which could even potentially adopt a foldable screen).

The Surface Duo’s lack of effective software optimization is one of its biggest flaws.

At Microsoft’s announcement, the Surface Duo’s only news was that the company is developing a customised version of Android 12L only for it.

Windows Central first published this information in a specialised article.

The insider claims that Microsoft has enhanced Google’s software with its own design language to create a really distinctive version of Android that will launch later this year.

Many people now have hope for the smartphone from Microsoft in the future.

It’s true that the Surface Duo has been a pretty difficult gadget.

But considering that it is a unique machine with essentially no equivalent, it is to be anticipated.

For better or worse, Microsoft is entering uncharted territory with the Duo.

It would be unfortunate to see the latter get lost in a sea of generic smartphone designs.
Let’s hope the Duo will remain together.

What is the price of the Surface Duo 3?
It’s hardly surprising that the price of the Duo 3 is still unknown as pricing is typically one of the final product details to be revealed.

However, we may still use the first two generations’ prices as a general guide:
From $1,399/£1,349 for the Surface Duo (128GB).

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