Huawei Nova 10

Huawei Nova 10 smartphone from Huawei launching in 2023

The Huawei Nova 10 offers a lot of features that make it a top-tier smartphone.
An attractive camera system, lots of storage, quick 100-watt charging, and a 120 Hz OLED are all included.

However, it also experiences well-known limitations that now have even more severe repercussions.

Huawei Nova 10 smartphone with a stylish case and features

Although it is rather heavy, the Huawei Nova 10 Pro feels light in the hand.
This is a result of the long sides’ rounded display edges.

The smartphone is nonetheless well-balanced even though the camera equipment is plainly protruding from the case and appears to be very large.

Although the matte rear of the phone is resistant to fingerprints and has a stylish appearance, it does not seem as high-quality as we would anticipate from a device in this price category.

On the other hand, the construction quality is excellent.
The gaps are narrow and uniform.

The only cover that is not flush with the frame and is somewhat recessed is the one covering the SIM slot.
The SIM slot has a rubber seal, although the Nova 10 Pro lacks a specific IP certification.

In terms of equipment, the Nova 10 Pro generally lacks a few high-end features.

In addition to the absence of IP certification, we preferred wireless charging, a more recent USB standard, or at the very least, an IR blaster.

The Nova 10 is still running Android 11 in terms of communication, software, and function.

The Nova 10 from Huawei does not support 5G, however it does support LTE and has a wide frequency band coverage.

Although the Nova’s mobile data connection was slower than that of the Motorola Edge 30 Fusion (LTE, download: 212 MBit/s, upload: 26.6 MBit/s), the reception properties are good in urban settings.
The telephony features pass the test with flying colours.

Lighter interfering noises are effectively suppressed while the user’s voice is represented extremely authentically.

In a Wi-Fi 6 network, the connection to the WLAN is successful at most.
With our benchmark router, the Asus ROG Rapture GT-AXE11000, the Huawei smartphone delivers steady transfer rates.

Huawei’s EMUI 12 (Harmony OS 2.0), which is based on Android 11, is used on the Nova 10 Pro.
Because the security patches are still valid through July 1, 2022, the manufacturer refrained from releasing upgrades throughout the test period.

The release date and availability of the EMUI 13 (Android 12) update are still unknown.

The Nova 10 Pro is currently forced to live without Google services, like all Huawei smartphones.
A DRM certification is offered, though.

For biometric security, a fingerprint optical scanner built into the display is available.
It functions swiftly and reliably detects the stored limb.

There is also two-dimensional face recognition technology.

Camera: 60 MP Nova 10 for selfies
The two front-facing cameras on the Huawei Nova 10 are one of its standout features; in addition to having a high quality, both lenses have autofocus.

The selfies offer a wide variety of filters, a thorough beauty mode, and a natural colour reproduction.
They are also skilled at persuasion through specifics.

The highest possible frame rate for Ultra HD video recording is 30 FPS.

The 50-MP RYYB sensor is used by the three cameras on the back.
It is distinguished by a high level of detail and a homogenous colour reproduction.
The details degrade despite the large dynamic range.

A depth-of-field lens and an ultra-wide-angle lens are also added by Huawei.
It is also possible to utilise the latter as a macro lens.

No speed frenzy; performance, emissions, and battery life
The Snapdragon 778G 4G used by the Huawei Nova 10 is functionally equivalent to the 778G 5G but lacks 5G capabilities.

The SoC has access to 8 GB of LPDDR5 RAM, while the integrated Adreno 642L handles the graphics calculations.

Although UFS 3.1 memory is quick, the SoC seems to be slowing it down, and it occasionally performs far below the capabilities of the standard.

In normal use, this won’t be apparent, though.

The Nova 10 performs well in everyday situations and is on par with expectations in the benchmarks.
The majority of games should be playable without suffering significant detail loss.

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