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Google Pixel 8 Specs, cost and launch date.

Google Pixel 8 Everything important to know about Google’s upcoming phone

We are aware that the Google Pixel 7 is only a few months old, but why are rumors of its replacement already circulating?
The phone industry moves quickly, so speculation about what the Google Pixel 8 will look like has already begun.

Even though Google won’t announce the Pixel 8’s formal unveiling date until a few weeks before it is scheduled to happen, we can state with some degree of certainty that it will happen in the latter half of 2023.
We’re marking early October 23 on our calendars explicitly.

With the exception of 2020, when the globe was in the midst of a pandemic, Google has always introduced its new phones around October.

Even further back, in October, the Nexus 5X was also made available.
The wise choice is to assume that things will remain unchanged for this generation.

Google Pixel 8
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Pricing is currently much more difficult to determine.
The ordinary phone, the Pixel 7, costs $499, while the flagship, the Pixel 7 Pro, costs £850. Google was able to produce the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro for exactly the same price as the previous-generation Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

Although it would be lovely to imagine that everything would stay the same next year, currency rates are having a major impact on material costs.

To be able to order a Pixel 8, we predict you’ll need a little more money in your wallet.

Google is developing two new smartphones under the codenames “Shiba” and “Husky,” replacing the huge cats previously used (the Pixel 7 was “Cheetah” and the Pixel 7 Pro was “Panther”).

Both devices run Android 14 and have a brand-new internal CPU called “Zuma.”

The chip is identical to the modem used in the Tensor G2 from this year, suggesting that it is yet another Samsung creation.

Both phones are in testing with 12GB of RAM, which would be an upgrade for the smaller of the two as the Pro already has 12GB and this year’s Pixel 7 only has 8GB.

There is presently no information available on the cameras that each device will have, but it’s likely that Google will remain with the same 50MP main sensor used in the Pixel 7 series.

The company often sticks with a single sensor for several generations because it would rather rely on its algorithms than keep pushing for ever-higher pixel counts.

It’s unclear whether the Pro will continue to be the only phone with a dedicated zoom lens.

Comparing the screens of the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro

We adore the Pixel 7’s screen due to its OLED technology, flat glass (which reduces irritating reflections), and Full HD resolution (which doesn’t put too much strain on the GPU when playing games) (which delivers wonderfully impactful images with near-infinite contrast).

Its 90Hz refresh rate is something that we don’t like.
You must upgrade to the Pixel 8 Pro if you want the full 120Hz.

Faster wired and wireless charging

When it comes to charging times, Google is quite restrained, much like Apple and Samsung.
When using a cable or a wireless Qi charging station, the Pixel 7 Pro can deliver up to 23W, whereas the Pixel 7 can only deliver 20W.

Competitors can charge far more quickly, with some reaching a heady 125W.

We don’t need Google to start including power bricks in the box once more because anything that lowers e-waste is a good thing in our eyes, However, being able to fill up completely in less than 20 minutes would be a game-changer.

Please offer more colour options.

Obsidian, Snow, and Lemongrass are the available colour options for the smaller Pixel 7 and Obsidian, Snow, and Hazel for the bigger Pixel 7 Pro.

The only true “colours” left are Lemongrass and Hazel as Obsidian and Snow are essentially black and white.
There aren’t many options there, is there?

It would be nice to see Google follow Apple’s lead and offer the same five colour options as the iPhone 14 (or three if you believe that black and white aren’t colours).

Customers will undoubtedly appreciate the chance to stand out from the crowd as more individuals purchase Pixels.

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