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Fall 2022’s Top 5 Gaming Keyboards

Despite the abundance of alternatives available, looking for a gaming keyboard doesn’t have to be a difficult endeavour.
There are a few important factors to consider when purchasing a keyboard made for gaming, including the latency (how responsive a keyboard is), switch types (how the keypress feels and sounds), and general comfort and feel.

To help make your gaming experience as joyful as possible, you should also consider any other features you might like, such as media controls, RGB backlighting, or software customization options. and fluid as you would like.
in general. our recommendations slant more toward mechanical keyboards because they often provide more features, higher build quality, and an improved typing experience, which is why most gamers search for them.

Below are our suggestions for the finest mechanical keyboards for gaming alongside a non-mechanical option, if that’s what you’re into. We evaluated over 185 keyboards.

Huntsman Tournament Edition by Razer

The Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition is reasonably priced without compromising performance.
This keyboard is an older model from Razer’s Huntsman brand, thus it has optical switches designed specifically for gaming and incredibly low latency, which together provide for a highly fluid and responsive in-game experience.
The Razer Optical switches have a linear feel thanks to their short pre-travel distance and low activation force.
Even while these switches are excellent for gaming, speaking with friends could cause you to make more mistakes.

It lacks a few more features featured on a little more expensive product, such as the Corsair K70 RGB TKL, because it is a budget variant.
For instance, the Razer lacks a volume wheel, dedicated media keys, and a polling rate that is above average.
Therefore, if you don’t mind the board’s more basic design, it offers the best value.

Logitech G715

The Logitech G715 differs from every other keyboard on this list for one very obvious reason: it has a unique appearance.
The G715 is matte white with lilac media keys rather than an aggressive black or grey colour design.
The frosted RGB lighting strip around the keyboard, which displays colours with a more pastel tone and has a very pleasant cloud-shaped wrist rest, contributes to its “soft” appearance.
The SteelSeries Apex Pro keyboards have more customization options than this device, but it still performs just as well in terms of overall gaming performance and extremely low latency.

Even if you’re playing competitively, you won’t feel any significant lag while using it in wired mode with the accompanying USB-A to USB-C cable or wirelessly with its USB receiver.
You can order this device with any of the standard clicky Blue, tactile Brown, or linear Red Logitech GX switches.
These switches do have a slightly scratchy feel, but you can increase their smoothness and feel by applying some lubrication.

Apex Pro Mini Wireless from SteelSeries

These days, compact keyboards are extremely popular, and it makes sense why.
Why use a bulky full-size Numpad device that takes up your entire desktop when you can just use the left half of your keyboard?

The SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini Wireless is one that sticks out in the sea of portable gaming options.
This wireless device, which is a smaller version of the widely used SteelSeries Apex Pro, offers the same adjustable pre-travel distance feature as its predecessor, allowing you to control the sensitivity of your keystrokes.

You may independently adjust each key to fit your demands, whether you need an almost instant actuation point for competitive gaming or a longer pre-travel distance for everyday typing.

For competitive FPS games, this keyboard’s ability to programme two inputs to a single keypress is a fantastic time-saving feature.
It is a wireless keyboard, as the name would imply, and it may be used to connect up to three devices by Bluetooth or a USB receiver.
However, given how many functions this little guy has packed into it, its battery life is very low, lasting only 30 to 40 hours. However, the SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini is a wired-only model, so you won’t have to worry about it dying in the middle of a game.

TKL Corsair K70 RGB

The Corsair K70 RGB TKL is the greatest keyboard you can get for a mid-range pricing.

Along with its powerful internals, the K70 RGB TKL boasts a great build quality because to its sturdy PBT keycaps, strong plastic chassis, and ergonomic kickstands that open in a so that if you shift your board, they won’t accidentally collapse.
The near-millisecond latency of the Cherry MX switches combined with them makes for an incredibly responsive and fluid gaming experience.
Depending on your preference, you can get this keyboard with either the traditional Cherry MX Red switches or the Cherry MX Speed switches. In either case, a very light switch with a close actuation distance will be provided. . Therefore, pressing a key feels like your finger is extending.

This keyboard is a part of a larger K70 series that includes models with slightly different features and keyboards of various sizes.
While the TKL size is what we suggest here because it’s thought to be the best for gaming, you may prefer a larger board like the Corsair K70 RGB MK.2, which is a bit more expensive but also comes with a wrist rest.
It’s also important to note that the Corsair is a wired-only keyboard; if you want a wireless model, you might pick the previously stated Logitech G715 instead.


The EVGA Z12 isn’t the best gaming keyboard we’ve tried, but it’s not the most expensive either.
Given that it routinely goes on sale for under $20, it is amazing how effectively this keyboard operates.
Its latency is low enough for casual gaming, and the associated software lets you assign macros to any key and configure the RGB backlighting in zones.
Additionally, for easy access, there is a column of specific macro keys on the left.

Instead of using mechanical switches, the EVGA makes use of rubber dome switches.
These switches are more difficult to push and don’t seem as sharp as mechanical switches, but they operate almost silently, making them a perfect option for children or gamers in communal settings like dorm dorms.
Additionally, since a rubber dome switch has no exposed moving parts, you won’t have to worry about spills and crumbs harming your keyboard if you frequently eat and drink in front of it.

We have listed what we believe to be the top mechanical keyboards for gaming right now for the majority of users in our recommendations above.
We consider the cost (a cheaper product prevails over a more expensive one if the price difference isn’t significant), comments from our visitors, and accessibility (no keyboard that is hard to get or nearly sold out everywhere).

While no product is ideal for every use, the majority of keyboards are excellent enough to satisfy the majority of users, and the distinctions are frequently not obvious unless you really search for them.

Everybody has to be able to participate in a future that they want to live for. That’s what technology can do.

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