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CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher remake will be an open-world single-player game.

The Witcher reboot will be an open-world RPG, according to CD Projekt Red.
“A contemporary reimagining of The Witcher from 2007.”

CD Projekt Red (CDPR) announced that it will remake the original Witcher game exactly one month ago.
With improved graphics and realism, Unreal Engine 5 will power The Witcher remake.
However, no information was provided on the game’s virtual world.
Now that CDPR has released its earnings report for Q3 2022, some important information on the impending remake is revealed.
The Witcher 3 Next Gen trailer was out and it details all the changes.

The Witcher remake will undoubtedly be an open-world RPG, code-named Canis Majoris.
According to reports, it will be a single-player, narrative-driven game that updates the original Witcher from 2007.

Given that the new remake is an open-world game, many options are available.
The first game wasn’t an open-world title; instead, it was a mission-to-mission game where the only thing players could do was finish the plot.

A different studio will create this remake.
According to earlier rumours, the game would be contracted out to Fool’s Theory, a Polish firm renowned for its high-caliber prior work.

Console users were not able to enjoy the original Witcher at the time because it was only available for PC and Mac.
It will reportedly be released on all next-generation consoles, including the PS5 and Xbox Series S, once it has finished its remake.
The game will probably be released on more platforms including the PS4, Xbox Series X, and maybe the Nintendo Switch.
Naturally, it will also be accessible on a PC.

In addition to the remake, CDPR is developing a new Witcher trilogy that it will produce independently.
The Molasses Flood is also working on a different game with the codename Sirius.

In addition, the earnings report provides information on the company’s other projects, codenamed Orion and Hadar.
Hadar will be a brand-new project as a whole, and Orion will be a new Cyberpunk 2077 replacement, both created by CDPR.

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