moto x40 new phone

Before launch, Moto X40’s battery and camera were hinted.

A teaser for the Motorola X40 has been made public, and it includes information about the smartphone’s camera and battery.
It has been verified that the Motorola X40’s battery will have a 4600 mAh capacity and “SUV class” charging.

The Motorola X40 series, the company’s newest flagship smartphone, is about to be released in China.On December 16, the smartphone will go on sale.

Recently, the company released a teaser that highlighted a few of the characteristics of this smartphone.

The Moto X40 will be the following high-end Android smartphone to be released with the latest top-of-the-line Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 CPU, according to Motorola.

Additionally, it has recently come to light that it would initially enable the OEM’s quickest wired charging.The OEM has chosen a more unusual approach, referring to its top-tier competitor as the “SUV” of smartphones, likely to emphasise that the upcoming Moto X40 would be strong and adaptable enough to handle the most active lifestyle right out of the box.

Additionally, it will advertise itself as the smartphone with a new photography capability for users who are really active and sporty.

The Horizon Lock function, which the manufacturer has not yet detailed but appears to be an action camera mode, will also be included with the Motorola X40.

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