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After 11 years at 343 Industries, the multiplayer creative director for Halo Infinite has decided to part ways.

Another key developer has left Halo creator 343 Industries.

The multiplayer creative director for Halo Infinite , Tom French, made the announcement that they were leaving 343i last night, adding that they “couldn’t be more proud of my time there” and that it had been a “huge honour to have been part of a game [they] loved so much.”

French tweeted yesterday night, “After almost 11 and a half years on Halo, I step out of my Spartan gear for the last time today to travel off to new experiences.”

It has been a huge honor to work on a game that I liked as a player and held in high regard as a creator.
I couldn’t be happier with my experience at 343.”

The resignation comes just after 343 Industries lost both its founder Bonnie Ross, who departed the firm after 15 years to attend to a “family medical problem.” David Berger, the lead designer of Halo Infinite’s Slipspace Engine.

Since then, Ross’s position has been divided into three responsibilities: Pierre Hinteze, who leads production, now serves as studio head; Bryan Koski, who leads marketing, now serves as general manager of the Halo franchise; and Elizabeth Van Wyck, who leads business, operations, and community engagement.

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