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2022 Google’s top Android games titles

The user’s choice award went to Apex Legends Mobile, a tactical battle royale shooter that continues to be wildly popular.

There are various gaming options available, and the combat’s quickness and enjoyment are unmatched.

Best multiplayer game: Dislyte, an urban mythology role-playing game that stands out from the competition thanks to its design, visual excellence, and narrative thread.
The game does a good job of maintaining a high level of difficulty as you improve.

The best pick-up-and-play title is Angry Birds Journey. For those who are familiar with the Angry Birds franchise from previous mobile games, this is the most recent entry.
As you throw birds to destroy structure after structure, it’s as entertaining as ever.

Best independent game: Dicey Dungeons ($4.99/£4.19). Sometimes the best games aren’t overly complicated, and Dicey Dungeons makes good use of a straightforward format.
In this deck-building roguelike, you play as a huge dice that must avoid the vagaries of chance.

The best game currently being played is Genshin Impact. If open world action role-playing games are your thing, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy Genshin Impact, which has lovely scenery and endearing characters.

Best game on Play Pass: Very Little Nightmares ($4.99/£4.99 a month) – If you subscribe to Google Play Pass, you receive access to games like Very Little Nightmares, a delightfully frightening and engaging puzzle game that will keep you entertained for hours.

The best tablet game is Tower of Fantasy, an open-world fantasy adventure game that excels in most categories. Tower of Fantasy is one of the finest Play Store games when it comes to utilising the larger screens provided by tablets.

Google has selected Roblox as one of the finest Android games for running on a Chromebook, giving you access to a keyboard and trackpad. Roblox has become somewhat of a gaming phenomenon in recent years.

Wait a second, there are plenty of other games that deserve to be mentioned here as well: you should also play Catalyst Black, Diablo Immortal, Rocket League Sideswipe, Gun & Dungeons, HOOK 2, Hyde and Seek, quadline, Dungeon, The Cat Island Secret,
Tax Evasion, Candy Crush Saga, Garena Free Fire, Pokémon GO, Bridge Constructor, Final Fantasy VII, Linelight, and Path of Giants are all crimes committed by Turnip Boy.

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