Tricks To Make Your Phone Impressive [29+ Tips Added]

Tricks To Make Your Phone Impressive-  Android is a great little operating system. It’s absolutely packed with great features, awesome hacks, and time-saving tricks.but how a great deal do you genuinely know about your phone or pill?

positiveyou can make telephone calls and send texts, however we guess there may be something in this text which youweren’t aware about Make your smartphone magnificent.There’s extra for your phone than you would possibly assumeunderneath its userpleasanteasy floor there are all forms of hidden capabilities and shortcuts you couldtake advantage of do more with your handset of choice.

Tricks To Make Your Phone Impressive

Okay, okay – maybe your friends won’t be that impressed unless you make your phone vanish into thin air. but these are all on hand little tips you may use to get extra from your cellular, and maybe improve an eyebrow or along the manner. so under are some tricks to Make your smartphone extraordinary.

1) Enable Developer Mode

Ok, this is one of the more widely known tricks, but it’s important nonetheless, so we are going to include it.

2) Digitise your documents

)Thanks to the increasing quality of smartphone cameras, you no longer need a scanner to get all of your paper files up into the cloud. EvernoteGogle Driveand CamScanner are three of several apps that can do the job.

3) Identify songs in an instant

You can use apps such as Shazam or SoundHound to work out what you’re listening to, but you don’t have to: Google Now, Siri and Cortana can all respond to the voice command “what song is this?”.

4) Put your contact details on your lock screen

If someone else finds your phone, will they be able to get it back to you? Put your details on the lock screen to make sure: the option is in Settings on Android, Health on iOS and on Windows Phone you’ll have to edit the wallpaper.

5) Get automatic weather alerts with IFTTT (Android and iOS)

Set up a recipe on IFTTT (or the accompanying mobile apps) and you can get alerts sent straight to your phone if the weather’s looking bad – handy if rain or snow means you’ll need to leave for work earlier.

6) Fix the Google Calendar time zone (Android and iOS)

Delve into the Google Calendar app settings and it’s possible to restore the time zone (rather than have it replacewhenever you tour somewhere). That way, you’ll always realize when something’s taking place at home.

7) change the Animation Scales
For the most element, the latest Android telephones already sense very snappy. however, after the modern day Nexus 5X simplest shipped with 2GB of RAM, some customers had been left feeling a chunk underwhelmed via Google’s hugelypopular product line.

One solution is to change your cellphone’s “Window animation scale”, “Transition animation scale” and “Animator duration scale” from 1x to 0.5x. Granted, it won’t in reality make your smartphone fasterbut it will make it experience quicker.

visit Settings > Developer options and scroll about thirds of the way down the listing to find the necessary alternatives(you’ll need to have first enabled Developer Mode).

8) Clear App Defaults

It’s annoying when a link opens in a certain app rather than in the browser. It could be a YouTube link, a tweet, or a Facebook page — you’ll end up waiting around while your phone shuts down Chrome (or your browser of choice) and fires up something else.

It’s easily fixed.

Go to Settings > Apps and find the app that keeps opening. Once there, scroll down to Open by default, press it, and then select Clear Defaults.

If that doesn’t work, try doing the same with your browser app as well.

9) Quickly Change Your WiFi Network

Oddly, how to quickly switch between WiFi networks is not very obvious. Sure, you can go to Settings > Wi-Fi and change it there, but there has to be a faster way, right?

Well, there is!

10) Turn Wi-Fi off with your voice

The future is here: Siri, Google Now and Cortana let you turn off Wi-Fi with your voice. Just launch your app of choice and say “turn off Wi-Fi” to achieve the desired result. It works with Bluetooth as well).

11) Email huge files from your iPhone (iOS)

iOS 9.2 added Mail Drop to iPhones, so when you email a large file from your phone you’ll get a prompt to use it. Instead of attaching the file, Mail uploads it to iCloud, with the download link valid for 30 days.

12) Control your computer with your phone

a bunch of apps, from Spotify to YouTube, have a few form of far flung manipulate functionality constructed in. in case you need normal manipulate of your laptop or laptoptest the likes of Unified remote and Alfred.

thirteenexchange the keyboard (Android and iOS)
both Android and iOS now help the use of 0.33birthday celebration keyboards, that could do everything from uploadmore emojis to use some neural community processing energy for your phone’s autocorrect function.

14) discover wherein all your battery power goes
all the essential phone OSes now have particular readouts of which apps are using up most of your battery juice, so have a root through the Settings app to discover the worst offenders and uninstall them if necessary.

15) Use aeroplane mode to hurry up charging
just like each person else you probable need your cellphone to fee up as speedy as possible (even more so if you’re in a rush). placed it in aeroplane mode and it’s going to use tons less battery existence and as a consequence charge greaterspeedy.

16keep your children or pals inner one app (Android)
On Android Marshmallow, go to Settings, security and screen pinning – while activated, you could ‘pin’ apps from the multitasking display screen, so the app can’t be left without a PIN. accessible for lending your handset to other humans.

17) keep your kids or pals inside one app (Android)
you may have your iPhone’s LED mild flash on every occasion a notification comes in as a further manner of alerting you to new activity: from Settings, pick widespread then Accessibility and then toggle LED Flash for indicators to the on function.

18) Access Android’s hidden safe mode (Android)

Android has a hidden safe mode (like Windows) where third-party apps are disabled, which is useful for troubleshooting. On stock Android, Bring up the Power off menu with the power button then long press on it.

19) Quickly flush the RAM on your iPhone (iOS)

iOS doesn’t have a safe mode, but you can quickly clear out the reminiscence and speed the entirety up again – press and keep the energy button, then whilst you see the “slide” message, press and keep the home button.

20) Unlock the System UI tuner (Android)

Android Marshmallow includes a hidden System UI tuner for playing around with the Quick Settings pane (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc). To permit it, press and hold the cog icon on the pinnacle of brief Settings, then locate it within the Settings app.

21) Turn the keyboard into a trackpad (iOS)

If you’re running iOS 9 or above on an iPad, an iPhone 6S or an iPhone 6S, press and hold two fingers on the keyboard to turn it into a makeshift trackpad. regrettably the function doesn’t work on older iPhones.

22) Go home with one button tap (Android)

Google Maps for Android offers a one-icon widget that instantly directs you to the address of your choosing – that means you can create a home display screen shortcut that takes you home from anywhere with one finger tap.

23) Fall asleep to your music (iOS)

If you go into the Clock app on your iPhone you can set a countdown timer – easy sufficient – however you may then pick stop playing as the choice from the while Timer Ends menu to shut off all of your music after the allotted period.

24) Set your alarm to get louder and louder (Android)

Here’s a tip for the Android Clock app: delve into the menu (three vertical dots) from the main alarms page then find the option that says steadily growth extent. It offers you that greater impetus to get away from bed.

25) Snap photos with a hardware button

Sometimes you can’t beat the feeling of a real physical button when taking your snaps – well, good news, because on Android, iOS and windows telephone you can take photos the usage of the quantity buttons whilst in the digital camera app.

26) Record screencasts on your phone (Android and iOS)

You can record phone screencasts pretty easily: either via the YouTube Gaming app on Android, or by plugging your iOS tool into a Mac computer and choosing it because the recording input source in QuickTime.

27) Search for settings (Android and iOS)

If you need to get at a phone setting but you don’t know where it is, just search for it – the Settings apps on both Android and iOS have seek options on the top that you may use to look for obscure alternatives.

28) Screen Pinning

If you have kids using your phone regularly, this is a terrific manner to make sure they don’t accident run up big bills or set their eyes on content that is age-irrelevant.

Firstly, you’ll need to enable the feature (oddly, it is turned off by default). Do that by going to Settings > Security and scrolling down to Screen pinning.

To pin a screen, open the app, press the Overview button (the square) and then the pin icon.

You can choose to PIN-protect the pinned screen, if you so wish.

29) Secret Game

Another well-known Android Easter egg among old-timers, the secret game might not be so obvious to newcomers.

Lollipop and Marshmallow’s game is based on Flappy Bird; it has the same gameplay principle but has had an Android-themed makeover graphics-wise.

Head to Settings > About phone and tap the device’s version number several times. Eventually you’ll be presented with an on-screen lollipop or marshmallow depending in your working systemhold to rapidly faucet the middle of it and the game will release.

So those are a few tricks to Make your phone superbhope you appreciated theseremark in case you face any problems.